May 1959

Established under the name of DAI NIPPON SINLOIHI CO .,LTD as the first subsidiary company of DAI NIPPON TORYO CO., LTD. and registered with a capital of 30 million yen at 38 Nisino-Shimonomachi, Konohana-ku, Osaka.

Sep. 1959

Developed high-performance fluorescent baking paint "Luminodelicone".

Jan. 1962

Completed construction of the second phase of the Ofuna plant, capital increased to 60 million yen.

Jan. 1962

World's first tritium luminescent paint 'Atomroich' was developed.

Jul. 1967

Changed the company name to SINLOIHI CO .,LTD.


The prize of the Chief of the Printing Bureau, Ministry of Finance, was awarded to SINLOIHI's calendar on the occasion of Calendar Fair 1969.

Mar. 1970

SUPER LUMINO SIGN, a fluorescent paint of high weathering stability was used to decorate the exterior walls of the USSR pavilion at EXPO Osaka.

Apr. 1972

The completely new aqueous fluorescent pigments of the SW Series, patented in Japan as well as in various countries, such as the US and Germany, were developed and introduced to markets all over the world.

Jan. 1974

SINLOIHI CO.(EUROPE)GmbH was incorporated in Hamburg, West Germany, for sales and marketing in Europe jointly with Wolee - Chemie GmbH.

Sep. 1974

Capital was increased to 150 million yen.

Jun. 1977

SINLOIHI CO.,LTD. was established in Hamamatucho, Tokyo, as subsidiary for marketing.

Jun. 1978

The business of SINLOIHI CO.(EUROPE) GmbH was transferred to Worlee-Chemie GmbH.

Aug. 1981

A new manufacturing line , for producing a fluorescent self-adhesive tape as well as luminous self - adhesive tape, was installed.

Oct. 1985

R&D on FLUORESCENT BALL, a plastic ball filled with fluorescent water-base paint for the prevention of crimes, was requested by Tokyo Metropolitan Police Office (patented utility model)

Jun. 1986

SINSEI CO.,LTD. was absorbed by SINLOIHI CO.,LTD

Jun. 1992

LUMINO TAPE, a fluorescent self-adhesive tape, was approved for fluorescent and reflective rear marking of large trucks for compliance with safety regulations.

Jul. 1993

SUPER LUMINO V-TOP, a fluorescent paint, was approved for heliport marking in accordance with specification issued by the Fire Defense Agency.

Feb. 1996

EMERGENCY PHOTOLUMINESCENT SIGNS for ships were approved as being in compliance with the specifications issued by the Ministry of Transport.

Jun. 1996

A marketing cooperation contract between DENTSU TEC CO .,LTD. and SINLOIHI CO,.LTD. was signed for the marketing of LUMILITE VISION.(patented)

Sep. 1996

LUMINO TAPE was also approved for fluorescent and reflective rear marking of medium-size trucks for compliance with safety regulations.

Jul. 1998

The registered head office was changed to the location of the Ofuna Factory, 2-19-12 Dai, Kamakura City, Kanagawa.

Jan. 1999

The Ofuna Factory acquired ISO 9002 Certification.

Jan. 2002

The Ofuna Factory acquired ISO 9001 Certification.

Oct. 2003

Super Lumino V Top fluorescent red was approved and adopted fire trucks in all over Japan

Mar. 2005

Lumi Light Vision was used on Expo Aichi Seto Aichi Prefecture Hall

Jan. 2008

Obtained Marking film business from Dainippon Paint Co., Ltd.

May. 2009

The 50th anniversary of foundation

Jun. 2013

Water non-slip fluorescent paint "Lumino Grip" was developed.

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