SINLOIHI COLOR F10 Series is fluorescent pigment of high light stability.
It also offers high color brilliancy as well as high solvent stability.

Average Particle Size3.5 to 4.5 μm
Softening Point130 to 140℃
Solvent StabilityAlthough it can be used with Aliphatic-Hydrocarbons
and Xylene solvents, but cannot be used with
Aromatic-Hydrocarbons as well as Ester Ether
and Ketone solvents neither.
Net weight10 kg
PackagingPaper bag



  • Advertising signboards & displays
  • Signs for ships or harbor facilities
  • Emergency Equipments (Fire extinguishers, fire cars, etc)
  • Silk screen printing ink


A white-undercoat is definitely necessary before applying fluorescent paints in order to secure hiding power as well as color brilliancy.

High light stability is available with fluorescent paints by employing the F10 Series even without a clear overcoat, off course, subject to application and film thickness.

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