SINLOIHI Pigment Dispersion SW- Series is a new type of fluorescent pigments dispersion in water of sub-micron pigments particles and superior light-fastness, and is completely different from fluorescent pigment dispersion composed of resin of formaldehyde condensation. The SW-Series can be applied for various kinds of printing processes such as roll printing, automatic screen printing, hand screen printing etc. as well as padding process and garment dyeing. SW- Series has been supplied as SW-10 Series, which is already eco-friendly since SW-Series was developed many years ago. Recently SW-100 Series is developed, in controlling the remaining monomer, in response to the strong requirement for more safe and eco-friendly products in different industries.


  • Formaldehyde Free

SW-Series is composed of different type of resin than formaldehyde and does not generate formaldehyde.

  • Superior Workability

SW-Series does not contain coarse particle size because the average particle size is below 1.0μm and it is so no troubles such as clogging in screen mesh of plate cylinder and mottling in printing etc.,.

  • Superior resistance to heat

SW-Series is stable against heat due to the resin used in these pigments. This property allows rapid curing at higher temperature than with conventional fluorescent pigments.

  • Superior light-fastness

SW-Series has a light fastness of Class 4 on the Wool scale so that fluorescent pigments may be use to produce a beautifully designed pattern.

  • Less remaining monomer content

SW-100 Series is designed to be have less remaining Monomer like
acrylonitrile & styrene in the production process.



  • Water Based Line Marker
  • Water Based Ink

Formaldehyde Free:
Contains no formaldehyde material

The detailed information is available in the technical leaflet of SW-Series, which may be submitted upon request.

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