SINLOIHI COLOR SX-100 Series is a new fluorescent colored acrylic pigments,
which is formaldehyde free and has similar level of color brilliancy of our conventional type of fluorescent pigments and level of fine particle size like other type of our other fluorescent pigments. This series has been developed in the process of developing further environmentally friendly pigments like our SW- Series and SF- Series, which are fluorescent pigment dispersion of formaldehyde free.

Average Particle Size3.0 to 5.0 μm
Sorting PointOver 200℃
Solvent ResistanceStable against hydrocarbons
Heat Stability180 ℃
FormSpherical fine powder




  • Poster colors Silk Screen ink
  • Paper coating Gravure and flexo ink
  • Paints (both solvent type and water base type)

Formaldehyde Free:
Contains no formaldehyde material

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