Emission colors converting organic fluorescent pigment for Dispersed EL-Lamp

A part of fluorescent pigment for EL-Lamp

Blue-green and green are the two colors emitted from an EL inorganic fluorescent substance composed of ZnS crystal matrix. As an organic fluorescent pigment has high purity and strong transparency, that does not disturb the reduction of EL-Lamp to emit a white color, you can use pink and red-orange pigment as complementary colors.
In addition, we provide lemon-yellow and orange-yellow pigments for conversion to other EL-Lamp colors.

Color data of FA-000

(Hitachi spectrum photometer 307:Xenon light source)

ColorColor coordinatesY ValueMain wavestrengthReflectance
FA-001 Red OrangeX=0.4936 y=0.336366.89%590nm174.20%
FA-005 Lemon YellowX=0.4936 y=0.3363105.61%525nm155.62%
FA-006 Orange YellowX=0.4936 y=0.336380.06%580nm181.10%
FA-007 CeriseX=0.4936 y=0.336356.32%600nm168.84%
Average Particle Size3.5 to 5.0 μm
Sorting Point140~170℃
Specific gravity(genuine) 1.3



・Usage of organic fluorescent pigment
The ratio of inorganic fluorescent substance and organic fluorescent pigment is 100phr to about 3~7phr. They are mixed together and added to EL-binder. When you find a moderate ratio, you can obtain a white emission EL-Lamps.
As organic fluorescent pigment does not have good solvent resistance, we recommend making fluorescent ink with EL-binder only, because the ink of storage stability is not so good.
Light fastness is not so good. We can’t recommend using it outdoors.

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